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Шопы для палки, может кому пригодится, сам не проверял их


(ipads, bill=shipp)

IPADS ) bill shipp different

(not tested, cool stuff)

Very good quality of headphones. A lot of DJ's use it. Method: Bill=ship, use socks

zara.com (bill,shipp DIFF),metroparkusa.com(good)(bill,shipp DIFF)

(bill,shipp DIFF),

MEthods use socks 5 and enjoy Methods use Socks5 same as state enjoy

Method-Phone verifications need use socks5

If you do not use a Socks5 in the same state as your card, these guys will deny DHgate.com

use Bill=shipp socks5 Clothing/Shoes cardable site

Methods Bill-Ship use cyberghost or expresvpn Cardable site for clothing/shoes worldwide

USe Bill-shipp expresvpn it's ok Famous shoes/clothig site for all

shoes store not proved no method

Athletic Shoes - Sportswear | Champs Sports

Method BIll-shipp use clean socks5 Cardable shop for all aliens,people,robots,animals hahah check this out WORLDWIDE

Method>Bill-Ship use VpN proved 100% shipped

methood non proved

methood non proved DrJays.com | Urban Clothing, Sneakers & Jeans from Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Rocawear Method Use Clean socks5 bill+Shipp easy for carding WORLDWIDE

Methods use Bill-shipp clean socks enjoy Easy worldwide cardable site for T-shirts and hoodies Enjoy proved 100% arrived...

Methods bill-shipp use expressvpn Electronic non-proved no methods....it's cardable

ardable clothing/shoes men's/woman's card it it's easy and it's MYSQL-VUlnarable tongue.png Worldwide of course....

<Methods> Bill-Shipp use Expresvpn or Cyberghost

MEthods BIll-shipp use expressvpn or cyberghost

Methods Bill-shipp use VPN

Methods Bill-Shipp use Proxy or cyberghost or expresvpn Here is one Electronic cardable store Non worldwide just usa ausralia and UK Enjoy Methods ---Bill-shipp use cyberghost or vpn socks

Here is one worldwide motorcikle store enjoy...

No methods

MethodsBill+Shipp no need Vpn,socsk,proxy but you can use it easy shipping proved HEre is another one cardable Cars audio parts easy for carding

NO methods Use Vpn or Socks Bill+Shipp

(diff bill/shipp) o Canada only/ OR you have to email/call them

Methods Bill+Shipp and use Vpn or Socks5 Enjoy



Methods Bill-shipp use VpN or socks for prove shipping

Methods Bill-shipp no socks no vpn no proxy

(maybe doesnt work anymore) Methods Bill-Shipp no Vpn no Socks no Proxy Enjoy proved 100% shipping easy for carding...Enjoy

Methods -----> bill-shipp no socks no vpn,,,,,Enjoy

Methods---> Bill=shipp no vpn no socks

+Methods Bill-shipp use another vpn... I used CyberghostVPN and Bill=Shipp

Methods....vpn/proxy === Bill+Shipp

Methods?----Use Cyberghostvpn bill-ship no need Cvv on card...easy carding to 1000$ thanks+rep please There is one Electronic Cardable site Enjoy

No Vpn,no socks,no proxy Card name (Name of the holder) Bill=Shipp= Yours

----> Toys no tested

MEthod? Here is Non vbv site,USe cyberghost/expresvpn Bill=Shipp OK there is another one Electronic shop only for Australia shipping

----> No tested There is on good cardable ELECTRONIC USA Only SHOP

I use Cyberghost(Bill=Shipp) There is one cardable site for woman's clothing...Buy some stuff for you'r girl/Mom/Sister....Enjoy....

Method-( CyberghostVPN Bill-Shipp

used Bill-Shipp no Cyberghost no Vpn no Socks no Proxy.. Ere is another one Clothing/Shoes for Men and Wom'ns store

I use Bill-Shipp same without socks/vpn...etc. WorldWide shop

I use Cyberghost Bill-Shipp easy and cardable store for worldwide shipping got electronic,books,computer games,gaming,....everything what you need

http://www.dvdoverseas.com(electronics) I use Cyberghost and Bill=Shipp Easy to card....


----> Worldwide electronic site.... I use Cyberghost(VPN) my bill=shipp

----> Electronic cardable site i use Cyberghost and bill-shipp

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Source suggest you use vpn

suggest you use vpn worldpay by: verified visa

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping With Verified Visa As MC SOURCE

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping OLD CARDABLE

Shipp=bill, No Socks or VPN Worldwide shipping Hi ! Here i have cardable sites for games STEAM :

-> Skrill

-> It's a very very good site

Method : You must have a good card and work GOOD LUCK Website:

Items: Xbox Controllers Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: Worldwide Website:

Items: Clothing Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: Worldwide Website:

Items: Food Giftcard Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: USA Website:

Items: Electronic Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: Worldwide Website:

Items: Food Giftcard Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: USA Website:


Items: Clothing/Shoes Method: Bill=Real, Ship=Your Drop Shipping: Worldwide Items: Clothing Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: Worldwide Website:

Items: HeadPhones Method: Bill=Ship Shipping: USA\Canada ONLY


Shops list - Cardable + Method

(.co.uk ships to UK, and does have vbv or msc) Same bill+ship (Your drop address) Does NOT have vbv or msc Shipping to USA, and UK if using the co.uk domain (for ladies, this is basically same quality as victoria secret)

(This is basically the LV of women lingerie in the UK, you can card gift vouchers and sell for profit on eBay or local marketplace. - Use EU non-vbv/msc for best results) Same bill+ship (Your drop address) Does HAVE vbv and msc Shipping Worldwide

(flight booking) Cardholder billing + traveler name/details Does NOT have vbv or msc Use EU CCV for best result

Book events, festivals, NBA, NFL etc. EU CCV, NO VBV/MSC. Billing same as CCV holder, ticket details your info. Use VPN/Sock5 same country as CCV holder.

(Mens fashion/designer clothes.) Pay through PayPal without VBV/MSC. Or through Skrill with VBV/MSC bypass with AMEX. Use billing same as Card holder, sock5/vpn match country of card. Recommended use Poland card. hivelocity.net (Use EU CCV, NETHERLANDS OR POLAND I TRIED) Same Bill as CCV holder. No VBV/MSC. They will ask for ID/Card scan if order over $500. I used server for 24 days before they revoked access. annsummers.co.uk usa usa card same bill/ship

Bill # ship Use fresh card no vpn or socks cell2get.com

Bill=Ship No Vpn Or Socks WorldWide Clothes

ww ship = bill no socks or vpn

Method Bill=Ship No Socks or Vpn

Method : bill+ship WorldWide Ship Site:

Method : Bill=Ship No Vpn/Socks 5 Use Good Cc


Method: Bill=Cc Owner Recomend To Use Vpn My Friend Got 2 Items Shipped Bill = ship no vpn no socks .. rosewholesale.com ww bill = ship no socks or vpn

Bill=Ship No Vpn/Socks

Didnt Try It Use Vpn Or Fresh Socks Good Cc Bill= Cc owner Bill=ship no socks/vpn

Site :

Method : BiLL=Ship Site :

Method : Bill=Ship No Need To Use Vpn Or Socks

CCV (Any / Visa / Mastercard / Jcb) Socks of the Country any Socks of USA Example

Request: CCN ( Non cvv) + Socks Bill different from ship - ship worldwide

Any name for cc, best to use Australian ccv but I am sure you could use the same or near same country as the cc..so if your shipping to Europe try use a euro ccv. billing=shipping, select email me and untick call me. It charges the card straight away.

Worldwide ship - bill=ship - need phone verify or cc scan.

CCN no ccv, any IP, any name, fake billing address of same country as card.

Don't need socks, any ccv, any billing/shipping address - they dont post out anything its all sent via email.

> Worldwide Sells CPU's, memory, Hardrives - Worldwide shipping Any CC, Any Name, bill=ship - No verify

bill=ship , No VPN or socks 5 wanted. Just make sure you dont have than 2-3 error transactions.

Use the same billing address as the shipping address, they don't verify the billing address.

electronics shop bill=ship use vpn and same state socks

electronic site bill=ship , No VPN or socks

Easy cardable site for shoes bill=ship No VPN or socks


(hard ship + hard verification)

(hard ship + hard verification)

(no CVV2)

( Cd key WOW + card)

(non CVV2)

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(camera thu hinh + laptop China) no need CVV2

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